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SOCKS 4 TOTS Inc, a 501(c) 3 not- for-profit organization, was established July 2007. The mission of the corporation is to warm the hearts of homeless children and their families. To do this, we give out socks, slightly used winter coats, and other needed clothing articles to children and families in homeless shelters.  In an effort to warm the hearts and to make this event a memorable one, we also provide face painting, a clown, entertainment, poetry reading, motivational speakers, refreshments, singing and an abundance of love. SOCKS 4 TOTS has an annual Thanksgiving feast, Christmas toy drive, Easter party and an annual  Mother's Day recognition party. SOCKS 4 TOTS Inc was not only established to give socks but to give children and parents in homeless shelters a carnival of love, joy and inspiration.
SOCKS 4 TOTS Inc, was created as a vehicle to serve homeless families and domestic violence victims, to put encouragement in the hearts and mind of families living in a not so encouraging environment. We also partner with other organizations to provide free housing assistance, free GED and computer classes and free legal advice.
The coalition of the homeless reports that homeless New Yorkers in shelters in 2007 increased 11.1%. The number of families increased by 17.6% and the number of homeless children increased by 18.1% (14,219). Statistics has shown that homelessness is on the rise, the numbers are staggering.  Not only is this a sad state of affairs, but it shows how so many people need encouragement, inspiration and most importantly love to motivate them to want to rise above a seemingly hopeless situation. It is with much prayer that many will be moved as much as I am to not just talk about helping, but to do something about it and give to those who really need your help. Please join in the effort to truly make this world a better place by giving your time, money and your heart to help make a difference with the state of homelessness. 
SOCKS 4 TOTS was born from the heart of those who genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of homeless families. The future goals of this organization are to house a building that provides programs to enrich and inspire the lives of homeless families and domestic violence victims. The programs will support and provide basic necessities, such as clothing, books, food, hope, inspiration and most importantly love, a love that will warm the hearts and lift the spirits.
Please find it in your heart to join us in the effort to make a difference in the lives of the homeless-giving back is what it's all about.
Laverne Rooks-Sparrow
President & Founder 
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